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BuySelf Realty is Minnesota's Leading Flat Fee MLS Listing Brokerage

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Cancel anytime-completely flexible listing

Cancel anytime/Not locked in
Whether you want to list with a different company, try selling on your own, or decide you don’t want to sell, it doesn’t matter. You are free to cancel your listing anytime, period.

Unlike other companies 
Other company listing agreements, including 99.5% of high priced traditional agents, do not give the seller the option to cancel. Often those agents won’t cancel unless they receive something, whether it is a hefty fee, or a “lock up” period where the seller cannot sell the property. Not with BuySelf. Our sellers can cancel anytime.

Flexible Scheduling
Need to take your property off the market for a few days, weeks, or months? No problem. There is no cost or hassle, most MLSs only require written notification.

No cancel fees
There is no fee to cancel your listing. Generally, the MLS only requires a cancellation form to be signed, and the cancellation is processed promptly. There are a handful of MLSs that do have a cancel fee, view the package ordering page which will disclose this fee if you are in one of the few areas where it applies.

Switching companies
As soon as you are cancelled, you can list with any other company–there is no waiting period or any other hindrance. Or you can switch to selling on your own without the MLS or professional assistance.

Note: Unused listing months are not refundable. Listing may not be cancelled as a way to cut out a buyer agent who procured a buyer for the property.