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Agent Showing Scheduling & Feedback Request-Live Call Center

Agent Call Center Showing Scheduling & Feedback Request

Use this service to maximize showings: Agents can call and immediately know your home is available for showing and get a prompt, professional showing confirmation, which keeps any showings (such as highly motivated and short of time buyers like out of town relocations) from falling through the cracks because no one answered the telephone or got back to the agent quickly.

For the entire term of your listing, our service schedules Realtor showings for you. This service is perfect for sellers who live out of town, travel frequently, or just don't have the time to monitor the telephone all day. This service watches the telephone for you. Some of the features included are:

  • Complete phone coverage (24x7x365), and live phone coverage 7 days a week so that you don't have to watch the phones all day.
  • Choice of whether you want to approve each showing request or just receive notification of each showing.
  • Automatic verification of agents' MLS membership, what office he/she is with, and their contact information.
  • Agent name, company name, telephone number, time, and day are recorded for each showing.

The service emails the showing agent a feedback request asking about how the price and condition compared to similar properties. The agent fills out the form with a few clicks of the mouse and submits it. Note: response rates vary, some agents do not give feedback on showings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Agent Showing Scheduling:

Q. How often can I update the showing instructions on my listings? A. The showing instructions can be updated as often and as many times as needed.

Q. Who can request a showing? A. Any licensed agent or broker who is a member of the MLS.

Q. How does a showing agent know to call the scheduling service? A. The Call Center appointment phone number is entered into your MLS listings as the number to call for showings. The sellers phone number also appears for agents to call with questions or when they have an offer.

Q. Can buyers without agents call to arrange a showing? A. No, these calls should go directly to the seller, or if a seller doesn't want to show their home to these buyers (and potentially save the buyer agent portion of the commission-see listing agreement for all details), then buyers can be told that the property is in MLS and any real estate agent can show the property.

Q. Who contacts the seller for showing authorization? A. If needed, a Call Center Representative will contact the seller to confirm the appointment.

Q. What if there is an alarm or security system? A. If needed, a Call Center Representative will call the showing agent's office with security access codes.

Q. Can I be notified of showings? A. Sellers have the option to receive an email notification whenever an appointment is scheduled. On a listing by listing basis, the seller also has the option to have an SMS electronic text message sent to their wireless phone.

Q. Who gathers feedback from the showing agent? A. The showing agent is sent a request for feedback via email. Within the email message is a link back to the web site where the agent can provide feedback.

Q. What reports are available to me? Can I print them as graphs? A. A number of different reports are available. They include statistical information as well as marketing reports for the seller. Some reports may be displayed as a graph or chart.