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BuySelf Realty is Minnesota's Leading Flat Fee MLS Listing Brokerage

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How BuySelf listings sell faster

Make your listing most attractive to agents and their buyers with Listing Grader

What is Listing Grader? Listing Grader is a tool for sellers to maximize interest in their property, particularly from the 86% of buyers who use agents. Buyer agents either select or influence which listings a buyer will see. A listing that confuses or alienates agents:

  • hurts the likelihood of sales success,
  • reduces the price received, and
  • lengthens how long it takes to sell.

Listing Grader enables sellers to make sure their listing motivates agents to show and sell the property to their buyers. An “A” grade from Listing Grader means the listing is an Agent Friendly Listing, likely to sell faster and for a higher price. Listing Grader was developed based on the experience of over 18,000 home sellers, and is made up of over 50 separate elements that determine how motivated buyers and agents are when they see the listing.

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How will I find out what agents think of my listing? Without Listing Grader, you can't. That is why Listing Grader is so important. Unfortunately, agents won't tell you that your listing scared the buyers away. Flat fee listings often have a D or F, and the seller doesn't know it. All they know is their house isn't selling. Those sellers thought all they needed was to be in MLS, and they are wrong. By using Listing Grader, they learn how to improve their grade.

How Listing Grader works? Listing Grader evaluates your listing on the most important elements that motivate agents to show and sell your listing to their buyers. Where a listing is lacking, Listing Grader shows you the simple steps to improve your listing. With this critical information, sellers:

  • get previously unavailable feedback on how motivating the listing is,
  • avoid the numerous, common flat fee MLS seller mistakes, and
  • avoid being like the typical flat fee MLS listing without Listing Grader that gets a D+ grade.


Listing Grader is included with every listing purchased through BuySelf Realty (upon request).

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