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Can an MLS listing cost less?

Why risk your savings with a poorly reviewed brokerage?

Make sure you read reviews--any established flat fee brokerage should have 100 or more. Unfortunately, there are lots of bad self MLS listing websites out there that:

  • just stick whatever info you give them into the MLS, and it doesn't attract the buyers a listing should. A reputable service will guide you on how to have a listing that gets offers--a typical self MLS listing seller makes 6-9 sale-killing mistakes without realizing it;
  • are middlemen who farm you out to a completely different company who they only pay $20-35 for the listing, so that agent will be desperate to try to find other ways to make money off of you, or
  • are unresponsive/unhelpful after you have paid.

Choosing to self MLS list sets you up to save big, but some get in trouble by trying to save an additional $100-200 by getting an inferior listing brokerage. You won't save any money if you are not successful, so why risk your savings?

Bottom line: BuySelf home sellers are 16% more likely to successfully sell than other flat fee MLS websites.

Four key elements that make “cheaper” listings more expensive

Be careful if you are tempted to try a website that is cheaper than our service. Flat Fee MLS is more expensive if you aren't successful—you don't save money. Here are some elements you do not receive with most other flat fee MLS websites, that substantially reduce your chances of success:

  1. A listing that attracts, not repels buyers

  2. A track record of success

  3. Avoid listing in the wrong MLS

  4. Stay away from the mistakes most flat fee sellers make

Likelihood of success at selling and closing.

It is well-established that