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Starting the flat fee listing blog

I am excited to start a log of what is going on in the flat fee MLS industry. I firmly believe that flat fee listings are the future of real estate and look forward to discussing their development here. My goal is that this blog with be a resource for consumers considering a flat fee listing, as well as a way to for sellers to learn how to best sell their home.
For those of you who don''t know me, my name is Albert Hepp. I have been a Flat Fee Broker since 1998-1999, and I sold my first house in 1989 back in the day of the one page purchase agreement. I started full time in real estate and obtained by first Broker''s license in 1992. I am one of the few brokers who actually has a bachelors degree in Real Estate/Urban Analysis, which I obtained from the Ohio State University. Over those years I have obtained my brokers license in five different states and also helped many other Flat Fee Brokers market their services on the internet.
The flat fee listing business has been fun for me and it is a great match for my personality. I enjoy the entrepreneurial element to the business, I like the technology (websites and web marketing) part of the business, I enjoy the legal aspects of the business, I enjoy how our business empowers and educates consumers in a way that saves them lots of money, and I also enjoy coaching consumers through their transaction. Yes, I like my job.
In the interest of full disclosure, for some posts I am collecting many of the writings I have done on these topics and "back posting" them to the time they occurred to better establish background and history.